Is it difficult to download the picture of your favorite traveling destination on Instagram? Like a documentary but don’t know how to save it into your gallery or you liked a instagram reel from your favourite creator but don't know how to save it. Don’t worry! We have come up with a perfect solution for you. Saveig downloader allows you to download an unlimited number of photos, videos, reels and IGTV from your desired posts without any inconvenience. Furthermore, the process is easy and doesnt invlove any comoplex UI. For more details keep reading the article below.

Instagram videos, reels, IGTV, photos downloader

Saveig Photo Downloader

SaveIG photo downloader is specifically designed to aid the process of downloading Instagram photos without compromising the quality. You might be wondering, why not take the screenshot for this purpose. But, we assure using the downloader is as easy as taking a screenshot.

Furthermore, with the SaveIG photo downloader, you do not need to edit the picture or worry about affecting its quality. You only need to copy the link and get the respective photo in your phone or PC. Another benefit of the system is its compatibility for different types of software including Linux, macOS, Windows, and Android devices. Thus, making it perfect for mobile and PC use.

How to Use?

It is extremely easy to download photos with the help of a saving IG downloader. Just follow these simple steps and get the task done without paying any money or worrying about the complex UI. You can also download videos using a similar downloader.

Once the downloading is complete, you can open the gallery to check whether the picture has been saved or not. We assure you would not feel disappointed with the results, as you will find the exact same image as in the post. Hence, the downloader not only saves a lot of your time but makes the process relatively simpler than you expect. We assure that everyone can use this simple webapp easily.

saveIG Video Downloader + IGTV downloader + Reel downloader

Similar to its previously mentioned counterpart, this one is also designed specifically to aid the process of downloading Instagram videos. Though you can take the screenshot of photos, the same can not be done for videos. Thus, users often end up scrolling through tons of websites to get the task done.

However, often they do not achieve the desired results. Similarly, they might end up downloading the video but might have to wait for a long time for this purpose. So, our instagram downloader is here to save the day. It is highly time-efficient and offers a trouble-free process. For more information on how to download the video using the downloader, keep reading the article below.

How to Download Videos via saveig Video Downloader

The process of downloading the videos is similar to that of photos with some exceptions. Moreover, the process requires a relatively strong internet connection in this regard. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download a video using saveig video downloader.

How to Download Instagram vidoes/IGTV or reels?

Downloading a video via saveIG video downloader is not only easy but ensures the quality and allows you to watch your favorite content offline as well. So, you do not need to worry about limited internet connection or connectivity issues. Just save the videos to your gallery and watch them at your convenience.

About Us

I am Mark, an Instagram addict who spends a lot of time on instagram watching videos,instagram reels, IGTV videos, documentaries etc.Instagram being one of the top 5 sites of the world, has a lot of quality content. All the photographers, celebrities and everyone who has an eye for details knows how great this platform really is. I felt the serious need to make a quality instagram downloader and here it is. 

Instagram keeps adding new features so that it can provide what users really want. Reels being one of the biggest and most recent ones. So, we also update our website so that it works perfectly despite and with new instagram updates and features. I assure you that you would find this site one of the best among its competitors. For this I have put a lot of effort into a simple and amazing UI. So, use it once and you will definitely come back. Cheers.

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If you have questions, queries, suggestions or want to report something Please first read some FAQs below, most probably you would find relevant information there. If not you can contact us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to download photos and videos via saveig photo or video downloader?

Yes, it is completely safe and legal to download videos, photos and reels via saveig photo or video downloader. However, we recommend using this only for personal use. Publishing someone else's content without asking for their permission will lead to copyright infringement and might lead to other serious actions against you.

Does the user get notified when we download their photos or videos?

No, a user does not get notified when photos and videos are downloaded from their account. Saveig usage is totally anonymous. However, if you are downloading the content for public use, we recommend asking for the owner's permission. It is also advised to mention that the content does not belong to you instead it has been taken from someone else. You might want to consider adding the owner's name or tagging him/her in the post.

Is saveig photo or video editor compatible with macOS and iphone?

Yes, saveig photo or video downloader can be used with on all computers and mobile running any OS including Windows, windows 365 Linux, macOS without any performance inefficiency or buffering issues. Similarly, the system is also compatible with android devices and can be used for both PC and mobile phones.

So, you do not need to worry about the performance of the website. Just copy the URL of the post you want to download. Paste it in the downloading tab and press the download icon. You will find the desired post in your gallery once the download is complete.