How to Download Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to upload your daily activities in the form of stories on your account. Thus, you can share each and every moment with your friends and family. However, have you ever tried to download someone else’s Instagram story? Most often you might find some beautiful pictures in the IG story of your friend and might want to download them. However, the problem is most users do not know how to download it. So, we have come up with a SaveIG story Downloader to aid you in the process.

SaveIG Story-Download (Story IG)

What is SaveIG Story Downloader?

SaveIG android app allows you to download your favorite IG stories without exerting much effort or losing the original quality. Download the photos and videos from any profile’s story within minutes. Furthermore, the process is completely safe and your identity is kept hidden for the purpose. So, there is no way the user will know about you downloading their story.

How to Download IG Story Via IG Story Downloader?

The process of downloading stories via IG story downloader is extremely simple and can be carried out in minutes. We have divided the process into two categories i.e, for PC and for mobile phone. You only need to follow these basic steps for this purpose.

For Mobile Phone

  • Firstly, open the saving android app. 
  • Click on the stories tab as shown belown

Instagram stories downloader-SaveIG

  • login to your Instagram from in-app browser.

Instagram stories downloader-SaveIG

  • You will see all the stories of people that you as shown in the picture.

Instagram stories downloader-SaveIG

  • Now, you will observe all of their stories displayed on the screen.

Instagram stories downloader-SaveIG

  • Press the download icon and wait for the download to complete

For PC

  • Process is similar for windows11 app or linux running an android simulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download unlimited numbers of photos using the SaveIG story downloader?

Yes, you can download an unlimited number of stories from the website. However, you might have to purchase a premium package to remove ads from the application. The free downloads are unlimited and you don’t need to pay to download additional videos and photos from Instagram stories.

Where can I find the newly downloaded stories on my smartphone?

Stories on the smartphone will be saved inside the gallery and you can easily watch them offline without any inconvenience or additional problems such as connectivity issues. Stories will also be visible inside the download tab of the app