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Instagram highlights that can be downloaded by saveig

It might be easier to download IG stories from the web. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to download the highlights. Scrolling through all the albums and photos is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, we have developed a time-efficient method of downloading all stories instead of moving through each and every photo. All of this can be carried out using the SaveIG Story Downloader.

Instagram Highlights Downloader

SaveIG story downloader has been specifically designed to aid the process of downloading stories from a diverse variety of Instagram accounts. The downloader is capable of downloading highlights (which are memorable stories marked by the user) from the user’s account. One specific advantage of the SaveIG story downloader over the other websites is the ability to download the whole album in the minimum time. Thus, ensuring better time management.

How to Download Highlights via SaveIG Story Downloader?

Following steps can be followed in this regard.

  • You should begin by opening the saveig android app.
  • Afterward, go to stories tab.
  • You will need to login to Instagram for first time
  • you will see stories and highlights of all the people that  you follow there.
  • Press the download icon. After a while, you will observe all the albums of highlights appearing on your screen.
  • Wait for the download to complete.
  • After the download has been completed, one can find the album in the gallery if one was downloading via phone and in the downloads tab of saveig app.

All this process is very similar to Instagram stories downloader so, you can also give it a read to understand it better.

Does the App Keep the History of the Downloaded Content?

No, the app does not keep any history of the downloaded content. It is the developer’s top priority to offer you full privacy, security and maintain the standards of transparency. Therefore, it does not require any personal information or account details from the consumers. In a similar way, it also does not store any downloaded content from any Instagram account. As soon as one exits the tab, all the information is deleted automatically by the system. Thereby providing you utmost protection against any potential threats.

Can the User Identify Me When I Download their Highlights?

No, the app is designed keeping customer’s privacy at the core, thus, it will not disclose any data to the owner of the account from which the content has been downloaded. So, they would never find out your identity. In all the scenarios, the users will never be notified regarding the data download, and thus you can rest assured. However, the download is only for personal use and viewing offline. So, if one is planning on posting it somewhere, we advise asking for the owner’s permission to prevent copyright infringement because this software is being made for personal use only. Any commercial usage may require permission from owner or even legal work in some cases.

Note: The Instagram highlights downloader is available in saveig android app. You can use our saveig photos, videos, IGTV and reels downloader.