Instagram Profile Picture Downloader – How to download Insta profile Photo

Instagram Profile picture via saveig

Saving Instagram profile pictures has always been a hassle for the majority of users. The reason for this is the lack of information regarding the process, absence of trustworthy software, and high price. Hence, users mostly resort to the simple but crude and unreliable option of taking a screenshot.

This approach might work towards IG photos but is a complete flop in the case of profile pictures. The reason for this is the poor picture quality resulting due to repeated editing and cropping. Thus, we present the Save IG profile picture downloader to help you download your favorite profile photos from a diverse variety of IG accounts.

Save IG Profile Picture

What is Save IG Profile Picture Downloader?

Save IG profile picture downloader is a tool made by saveig which is still in the testing phase and will be released shortly. Save IG profile picture downloader has been specially designed to help you download an unlimited number of IG profile pictures with a simple process. You can download pictures for a PC as well as a smartphone at your convenience within minutes. Similarly, the website guarantees utmost safety and protection, so you do not need to worry about exposing your identity to the user.

How to Download Profile Picture Via Save IG Profile Picture Downloader?

The process for downloading profile Pictures on IG profile Picture downloader is similar for both PC and smartphone except for a few exceptions. The major difference lies in the folder in which the picture is saved by default after downloading. Once the tool is publicly released, you will need to do the following to download a profile picture .

  • Firstly, open the account from which you want to download the profile picture.
  • Copy the user name and place it inside the downloader tab.
  • Press the download icon and wait for the picture to download.
  • For PC, the default location for newly downloaded IG profile pictures is the download folder. In contrast, the pictures in the smartphone are directly saved inside the gallery once the download is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to download profile pictures using the Save IG profile picture downloader?

Yes, it is completely safe and legal to download Instagram profile pictures using the IG profile picture downloader for personal use. In case of private use, we advise asking for the owner’s permission to avoid copyright infringement and other associated issues. You can also mention that the content belongs to someone and not you in case of public use.

Can I download pictures for free using Save IG downloader?

Yes, you will be able to download the profile pictures for free using our downloading service but up to a certain number. Above which you might have to subscribe to our premium package for additional downloads. The service will be time-efficient and will not affect the quality of the downloaded picture.

Why should I use the Save IG profile picture downloader?

Save IG profile picture downloader will be more time and performance-efficient than its other counterparts. Furthermore, the downloading procedure will be exceptionally easy and can be carried out by young children without any difficulty. You will just need to copy and paste the user name and download your favorite pictures within minutes.